Eating Mindfully Works When You Do It

It’s been an emotional roller coaster lately given the circumstances. I was doing really well eating mindfully, sitting at the table without distractions and it’s helped with eating less. But we’ve been on the run, eating out and honestly eating too much.  I haven’t really been thinking about it because I’ve been focused on the issues at hand.  We are up on our lease as of next month and we haven’t signed a lease on a new place. This has been taking a lot of my mental energy lately because there is so much to do in such a limited amount of time.

I decided for this week, I’m focused on eating mindfully, at the table and without distractions for both breakfast and lunch.  My goal is to eat most meals and snacks at the table. I believe this will minimize the mindless eating.

In the past, I would have spent today beating myself up for eating too much this weekend but what’s the point? It hasn’t helped in the past, why do it now?  If I’m looking to change my behavior and practice self-love, than beating myself up is not going to help.  Instead, I’m bringing my attention to why I overate, what were the circumstances and how did I feel afterwards?  Was it helpful or hurtful? Would I approach things differently next weekend?

I’m acknowledging the mistakes in my judgement and decision making – which ultimately was unconscious and on auto-pilot.  I realize, the biggest issue I have is bringing consciousness to everything I do especially on weekends when the habit has been to be on auto-pilot.  I most likely comes from working all week, being tired and what is perceived as ‘relaxing’ on the weekends, which in my past, has been the habit.  This habit is a learned behavior and needs to be replaced with a more productive or self-loved behavior. Starting with eating at the table without distractions, will bring the awareness to my eating. I need to re-learn what it feels like to eat to satisfaction and learn the body’s cue’s to when enough is enough.

What are some behaviors you’re seeing that are contributing to your overeating?  Do you eat more on the weekends rather than during the week? How about in the evenings, do you eat mindlessly out of habit?

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