Actively Seeking Support during this Weight Loss Journey

This week has been up and down. I had a couple of good days of eating when hungry and taking my time to eat.  I made my lunches this past Sunday and plan to do the same this week, which I know works. I’ve even tracked 80% of the time making sure I also include 5 good things I did right that day.   I went to the gym 3 times and it was great because I purchased some new books on my Kindle to read and the 45 minute walk went by in a snap.

I have been contemplating going back to WW again just because I feel like I need the accountability ‘weigh-in’ and the support.   But instead, I decided I’m starting a Meetup group.  I would love to do a virtual Meetup but I don’t know how to advertise, so for now, I’m going to start one locally.

It would be nice to talk about some of the issues we go through psychologically while on this journey to live healthy lives and ultimately lose weight.  Things like how we deal with stress which impacts our decisions and how to make changes for next time.   I’m looking forward to building a community of women who can support each other as we go through life’s ups and downs.

Starting a support group is my goal for this month.  The holidays are coming so its perfect timing to actively seek support during the hardest time of the year for those who don’t have the best relationship with food.  Do you have support during the holidays? People you can turn to when things are tough with stress and family?   If you are interested in participating in a virtual meet up, let me know and if we can get enough women, I’ll set one up.

2 thoughts on “Actively Seeking Support during this Weight Loss Journey

  1. Gwen

    Hi Maria, new to your blog! I’ve successfully lost all my excess weight, and stayed in maintenance for 15 months now, but sugar addiction is still an issue for me when I get stressed. My blog post today might interest you. I also am currently running a Holiday Scale Accountability club every Friday to help us stay on track…and plan to carry it on into the new year, too. Blogging is a GREAT way to find support, encouragement, education. I highly recommend it, whatever stage you are at in your journey! 🙂


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