Starting a virtual weight management support group

Do you ever think to yourself, I know what to ‘do’ to lose weight, but don’t do it?  Heck, you probably could teach a class on nutrition because you know what foods you ‘should’ be eating.  Why do we choose the ice cream and pie instead of the fruit? Bread stuffing instead of the green beans? You know you ‘should’ choose the better choice but instead, you end up choosing the carbs and sugar.

These last few weeks, my thoughts have been, “I need to get on a plan, I need to eat better, I need to do ‘something'”.  I thought about going back on a popular plan, but then again, I’ve done that and have not followed the plan.  Yes, they work, but you have to follow them which I have not been successful doing lately.

I was writing in my journal the other day and was thinking about what it’s going to take to make a life shift in this area. It’s funny because when I decided I was done with dieting, I thought the weight would come off because I wouldn’t be so obsessed about it. Instead, I’m thinking about weight and food more than ever because I’m anxious about gaining weight which I have been doing consistently.  I’m used to tracking daily, weighing and measuring food etc. I know those tactics all work.  However, I was burnt out and now rebelling.

But, I realize I need the support of others who are at the same point. I think we are all on our own journey and we need to discover what works for us, which may not work for others.  We all have our ‘thresholds’ when we get to that point where the life shift takes place but that timing is something no one else can determine, it’s individual.

I have enough strategies to fill my entire bookcase (and it does). I want to really focus on the cause of the behavior and that’s my belief system which has been formed throughout my life from role models and reinforced by life experiences.  If I do not work on this now, all the strategies in the world will be short lived.

I’m starting a virtual support group if others out there willing to join me.  Instead of reviewing tactics like staying off sugar or tracking calories, we will actively support each other while changing our beliefs and thinking. Given we are moving into a new year, I believe now is the time to ditch the diet roller coaster weight loss/gain and really dig deep to change those beliefs which fuel our thinking and behavior around food, health and fitness.

Interested? Let me know…


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