Taking it Day by Day

I have been reading other blogs and listening to positive podcasts to and from work which have been really helpful.  “Half Size Me” is a really good one! Heather Robertson interviews women who have lost the weight and kept it off.

When I lost the weight times before, it was for short term goals, wedding, trip etc.  In the interviews, these successful women all have said the same thing which essentially is that you have to have another goal set when you reach the first one otherwise, it won’t be sustainable. The other big takeaway was doing a plan that works in your lifestyle and you can maintain it even after you lose all the weight.  Things I’ve heard in the past repeatedly but for some reason, it’s resonating more with me this time around.

I installed ‘MyFitnessPal’ on my phone and I love it. I was always a paper tracker in the past and didn’t like using the online tools but I really like this one. It’s so easy and has just about every food in there…for the low price of FREE (an added bonus).

As the holidays approach, I’m thinking more about 2015 and what I want to achieve big picture rather than losing/gaining weight. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but in the past, I’ve always focused on eating plans and menus. I would spend a lot of time baking cookies but scaled back when I lost weight in 2008 and it has stuck ever since.  I do some baking but not even close to what I used to do.  I know myself and t’s not a good idea for me.  I realized I can still enjoy the holidays without baking 15 days out of the month.

It’s been up and down these past few weeks. I’m going through a lot of different emotions and thought patterns. I’m not beating myself up as I’ve been so used to, instead, I’m really focused on accepting myself on this journey.  One other thing I heard the other day that really impacted me was we are on this weight loss journey for the rest of our lives. Even if we lose all the weight, we still will watch what and how we eat.  At that moment,  it seemed like the ‘pressure’ was lifted from me.  Why did I put on this pressure in the first place? Because I kept thinking, “I’m getting older now and I have to get this weight off right away.” When reality is that if it comes off slowly, it will be more likely to stay off.

Rushing has been a theme in my life and as I’m getting older, I’m seeing that rushing in various aspects actually impedes my ability to be successful.  Taking a step back and thinking about this moment, rather then thinking I have 65 pounds to lose is much more tolerable.  I’ve always been a ‘planner’ and even with weight loss, I’ve planned out how much I’m going to lose, by when and had the menus and lists to back it up.  All good stuff, but it was limiting.  I was setting myself up for failure (can you hear ‘all or nothing’ thinking here?).

My approach today is taking it day by day…that’s the key to weight loss and maintenance. I’m ready to relax and see where this journey takes me…and I know I’ll learn a lot from others along the way, including you.  Have you rushed in the past and how did that help/hurt your weight loss efforts?

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