How positive podcasts support the weight loss journey

I have been listening to a ton of podcasts lately because I drive approximately 2 hours daily and can listen to them in their entirety which is awesome.  These uplifting messages are really helping my mood as well as my motivation to keep going.

I focused on a few of the podcasts these last couple of weeks.  The most impactful is Heather Robertsons “Half Size Me” which focuses on weight maintenance. Heather interviews people who have already accomplished success in either weight maintenance which is extremely helpful. They talk to Heather about where they came from, how they lost the weight and how they live their lives on a daily basis to keep it off.

After listening to so many, I’m picking up on some common themes.  I initially thought there would be some sort of ‘secret’ revealed but reality is, most have found their own ‘way’ or their own ‘strategy’ which has worked for them.  And this is after years of yo-yo dieting and going on all the popular programs.

Essentially, it started with a decision. This decision either came from a major event (i.e. Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis) or some type of ‘pain threshold’ where they said ‘enough is enough’ and decided to take action.

In the past, when I’ve lost 65+ pounds, it was because I had a specific goal. For example, one of the times was to lose it by my wedding.  Unfortunately after the wedding, I didn’t sustain the weight I lost because I didn’t take the time to set up new goals or think about the experience as changing my life. I was young and thought once I lost the weight, I could eat what I want. I laugh thinking about how young I was in the way I approached weight loss.  Now years later (and I like to think wiser), I realize, it’s so much more. It’s about your psychology.  What are you beliefs? How do you talk to yourself, what do you think about on a daily basis, what habits do you have in place and of course, how is your relationship with food? What makes someone make the decision to lose the weight for good and not go back?

I’ve made the decision in the past, but went back to old behaviors as early as 4 hours later.  I don’t think it’s just about making the decision to change your life (i.e. beliefs, thoughts and behavior) but more importantly ‘committing’ to that decision no matter what. That’s where I’ve fallen down repeatedly. I don’t believe my ‘why’ was strong enough in the past. It wasn’t enough leverage to move me. Overeating has been meeting all my needs in the moment. Beliefs like I could start again Monday, or I’m young and can lose it quickly were what played in my head. Sadly, those beliefs are not serving me anymore.

I have learned a lot this past year and most recently, I’ve learned so much from hearing about others success stories through podcasts and I’m grateful they have been made available (thank you Heather!).  It’s inspiring and I will continue because if you watch mainstream media, it’s not always positive.  I will continue to listen to positive messages because I believe that’s what’s going to accelerate those changes I am making to live a healthier life. It takes time, patience, consistency and commitment.

Have a happy holiday!

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