Choose to ‘Be’ Confident

This week my focus was to try and get back on track with healthy habits so I can move myself in the right direction.  Overall I have to say it went better, not 100%, but better.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve struggled with loving myself and feeling confident about losing weight given my history.  I believe confidence comes from a decision we make to ‘be’ confident rather than waiting for something to happen to us to ‘feel confident’ which is what I’ve done in the past when it came to my weight. I also heard the other day how confidence is directly related to competence. I agree.

When I reached my goal weight before, I was extremely confident with my health and how I looked.  However, when I gained it back, my confidence plummeted.  My thought patterns sounded like this, “I don’t know how to lose weight and keep it off. I’m a failure. I won’t be able to lose weight again and keep it off so why bother trying again? It’s useless, losing weight might be easy but how the heck am I going to keep it off for life?”  This is the tape that’s played in my head ever since.

This week at work, I had a big meeting to attend and I had to present. The meeting was brought together unexpectedly and the attendees were going to be people I heard were ‘tough to deal with’ and I was nervous.  I had to manage my thoughts and emotions if I was going to be on my game.  To prepare, on the drive to work, I performed positive affirmations, and got extremely animated about it, to the point where others passing on the highway probably were calling medical services or were at least contemplating it.  The music was blasting and I was screaming at the top of my lungs (very therapeutic I might add). It felt amazing. I went to the gym, had a great workout and arrived early at my desk while listening to Louise Hay. I was very productive and 30 minutes prior to the meeting, I went into the Ladies room, looked at the full length mirror and started going through the affirmations again. I jumped up and down, smiled and went into a positive rant.  It felt great. I came out of there, ready to go.

Got to the meeting, met all the players and when they came to me to present, I took a deep breath and started presenting. I was on fire. I smiled at every attendee and it felt great.  When I was done, I took a deep breath and on my exhale, said mentally, “I’m sending love to everyone in this room.” I smiled at each individual when it was their turn to present and I was thinking, “I send love your way, you are loved.”

What an amazing experience. I was so grateful.  The actions I took in the morning boosted my confidence and I realized at the end of the meeting, I made the decision to be confident not matter what I encountered when entering into the meeting.  If I can apply this with all aspects of my life, how much progress can happen?

Have you experienced similar situations where you knew you could do something, starting having doubts but you ‘decided’ to be confident and move forward?  How can this be applied to living a healthy life?

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