About Me

Hi – My name is Maria McNeil and I created this blog to share my personal transformation towards true well being.

My Story

I realized there had to be more to this journey then just losing the weight. So three years ago, I made a drastic change to my life. I left my corporate job and moved to a new state.  This was a huge ordeal for myself and family.  People thought I was crazy but I knew moving out of my comfort zone was necessary if I was going to change.  I would tell people I was moving to ‘get my health back on track’ (a.k.a lose weight) but what ended up happening was the beginning of an internal healing process.

I was operating from ego which was triggered frequently and became angry and impatient which I took out on others.  I needed serious attention.  My negative attitude hindered my progress and success in anything I tried to do and ultimately my behavior led to low self esteem and low confidence.  As a result, I believed whatever anyone told me about myself.

When we moved, I started reading a bunch of materials and even spent savings to attend personal development workshops which was tough to do at first (we are always hesitant to spend money on ourselves) but it was the best investment I’ve made.  I learned so much and I continue to learn. It propelled me into a series of key changes I needed to make in order to change the direction of my life.  I learned how the way I think and my underlying beliefs were holding me back from my dreams. I discovered the internal conflict which needed to be resolved. How the ego plays into my identity and who I’ve become.

I started journalling on paper and then decided to take it online to help others.  I continue to evolve as I share my experiences of those things I’ve learned and will learn in the future.  My new belief (which has been life changing for me): My level of consciousness determines the quality of my life.   I have to become a different person to live a different life. The lifestyle which supported me when I was unhealthy is not going to support me to become the best I can be.

It’s an honor to share this journey. I hope by reading, it will be helpful as you discover yours.