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Happy New Year! Lose Weight & Feel Great?

Every year it seems like I find myself defeated before I even start because I’m used to creating multiple goals and not achieving them.  Well, I shouldn’t say not achieving all of them because like everyone else, there are areas of my life where I’m doing well. My job, family and living situation is all going well.  However, the one area that takes up my thoughts and emotions, my weight, is where I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded.

What’s going to be different this year?  I decided, instead of writing all these goals (like 25 of them) and becoming discouraged if I don’t see massive progress in 2 months, I’m doing things differently. Why? Because of the saying, “you can’t do the same things and expect the same results”.  In 2015, I’m not going to do the same thing. I’m not going to write out SMART goals around losing 65lbs.  That’s what I’ve done in the past over and over.  I’m not even going to write out a SMART goal for losing 5 lbs. I know some of you are cringing, and I was too because this has been my MO in the past. Nope, I’m not doing it!  As much as it pains every ‘achiever’ fiber in my body, I’m doing it differently!

Remember I’ve been working on my small habits. I’ve typed up a spreadsheet to track Habit Trackerhow I’m doing (image included).  It’s so different and out of my ‘comfort zone’ for sure. Is it working?Yep!  I feel so much better because I a whole load of pressure is off my shoulders.  It doesn’t feel like I’m ‘pushing a wet noodle up a hill’ (a saying an old colleague used to say).  It feels weightless, doable, achievable because I can see the progress daily.  But here’s the real key to it all…when I don’t do one of the habits, I’m not beating myself up senseless (metaphorically). Instead, I’m saying, “Okay Maria, you didn’t drink your green juice today, but look at all the other habits you did today. You go Girl!”


It sounds strange even as I type this because I was my own worst enemy.  You didn’t have to say anything bad to me because I did a great job of doing it to myself.  I consider myself a recovering perfectionist!  This is the way to freedom and peace.  Instead of beating myself up, which never worked anyway (Louise Hay is helpful to read and listen to on this subject), I’m learning to love and accept myself for my quirks and imperfect ways, and that’s okay.  Why should we beat ourselves up? Society does a good job doing that for us right??  If we aren’t going to cheer for ourselves, who will?  If not, we’ll always live lying down (another metaphorical reference) and I refuse to let that happen, if not for me, then for my family.

Each day I feel like I’m building my self-efficacy by checking off the boxes and it feels good. If you are a tracker like me, you’ll love this!  If you’re not, then I know there’s another way that works for you, if you dig deep think about it.  Everyone is on a different journey with different ideas and strategies that work, find what works for you!! After reading about a ton of successful people in the world, the small changes is where it’s at!! It only took me 20 years to realize it!! 🙂

Happy New Year – Here’s to losing weight and feeling great in 2015!   XOXO